Passion for the Bible

"This book must be in every tongue, hand, and heart."

This is how Martin Luther challenged those who opposed the Word of God reaching the hands of humble people. Luther knew, as Spurgeon would affirm centuries later, that:

It is not possible to shed any other light in the dark basement of doubt except that which enters through the window of the Word of God. Within Scripture there is a balm for every wound, a salve for every sore. Oh, how marvelous is the power of Scripture to give hope to the despairing soul and shed eternal light into the inmost part of the spirit where night has spread its dark cloak!

The Bible is the very Word of God given to people so that they can achieve full communion with Him. William Tyndale in the 16th century would propose that: "If God allows me, one day I will make it possible for the boy who drives the plow to know more about Scripture than the pope himself."

And this passion for making the Bible available to everyone indicates to what extent they understood the importance of all people being able to read it, regardless of their condition.

At Mundo Biblia™ we're convinced, like the first reformers, that we distribute words that transform lives forever.

If we considered the Bible a simple consumer good, we'd be seriously mistaken. The Bibles we distribute transmit knowledge that gives life, encouragement, courage, faith, and hope. We believe that if Evangelicals made an effort to know their God better, we would witness an unprecedented spiritual, moral and social revolution in our countries. And only the Bible, the perfect Word of God, brings us closer to this knowledge.

At Mundo Biblia™ we want to vindicate the fundamental role that the Scriptures must play in the life of every Christian and of the church. And with this sole objective, we offer this Bible catalog for Hispanics — so that the Bible's words, through the power of the Spirit, may transform the lives of all those who read them. Because we firmly believe that His power is still working today to transform lives and nations.

Joan Gonzalez Angurell

Our History

Abba's World Bible

Mundo Biblia™ is a registered trademark of Abba, a Christian distributor in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Abba was born in 2007 from the passion for Christian literature of some young graduates who felt the need to open a Christian distributor in Spain. Their goal was to provide Evangelical resources to a secularized Spanish society.

God's grace made the project grow by establishing collaborations and alliances with different associations and distributors throughout America.

In 2019 Abba made an agreement with the Spanish Bible Society in order to develop its own designs for Bibles published by the Bible Society, thus becoming its official distributor. The great acceptance of the Bibles published by the Bible Society made us consider opening a delegation in America  to better serve all the Spanish-speaking people in the entire American continent. To that end, Mundo Biblia was born.

This is how Mundo Biblia originated, aiming to bring the Spanish Bible Society's excellent editions closer to the Latin American public.

Our Americas headquarters are located in Hawkins, Texas, a central location that allows us to give faster, more excellent service to our customers. Our priority has always been close and impeccable customer service — to offer familiar, friendly treatment while remaining professional. This principle is our company's hallmark.

Our Vision and Mission

Mission and Vision of MundoBiblia


The Word of God is a treasure to be shared.



To distribute with excellence the Word of God in Spanish throughout the world.


Our Faith

The Bible is the Word of God, inerrant and infallible.


  • 1. We adore the only, eternal and true God: one in essence and triune in persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, creator and sustainer of visible and invisible beings and things.

  • 2. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only and sufficient savior and mediator between God and men.

  • 3. Salvation is by grace, not by works, received through repentance before God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • 4. We believe in the current personal work of the Holy Spirit, the only vicar of the Lord Jesus Christ on Earth, who exercises in the Church a ministry that reproves, effectively calls, and sanctifies believers.

  • 5. The Church is the body of Christ, who is its foundation, head, Lord, sole high priest, and spouse.

Our Bibles

our bibles

Our Designs

Our designers have studied at the best European universities and are always researching new design trends in order to offer Bible covers and designs of the quality and creativity that the Book of books deserves.

Mundo Biblia™ 's considerable investment in research, development and innovation in exclusive designs keeps us at the forefront of the market. That is why with the Spanish Bible Society we can offer the latest materials and printing techniques in all our products.

Production Centers

Production Centers - MundoBiblia
In order to offer the best possible product, the Spanish Bible Society's editions are made in the best Bible production centers in the world, places as diverse as Spain, Holland, Germany, South Korea, or Taiwan.

Our Bibles are always produced through printers that have the best technologies for printing Bibles. In addition, we pay special attention to ensuring that the working conditions of employees guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of the worker, with respectful and dignified working days, hours and conditions. Any production center used anywhere in the world must comply with this same standard of quality and respect for fundamental human rights.


Our typographers, drawing from over 175 years' experience producing Spanish Bible Society Bibles, have developed clear and legible typefaces, and even the smallest Bible (our pocket version), has a fresh, readable print. Its layout is also a readers' favorite.




If something is important when producing a Bible, it's the paper. The quality of the paper will not only determine its legibility, but also its durability and preservation. Thanks to our alliance with one of the leading companies in Europe's paper sector, we've guaranteed the quality of the paper in all our Bibles. The paper we use is a new premium-quality, high-opacity 29 gsm Bible paper, recently created in 2020. Its main feature is that it offers a higher opacity than conventional Bible paper. Bible paper of this weight commonly offers around 75-80% opacity, while this one has 83%. The importance of this feature is that it avoids as much as possible what is known as the “ghosting effect” — that due to the thinness of the paper, the print on the previous page shows through the page being read, making readability difficult. This effect is minimized to the maximum with this newly designed paper. In addition, the European papers from which our Bibles are made offer 90% brightness, allowing the text to be more readable. The paper calibration's precision allows the Bibles to always have the same thickness without varying depending on production.




Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather

Some Bibles are genuine leather. In this case we use top-quality calfskin.



Imitation Leather / PU

Leather imitation
We work with the best synthetic leather, PU, ​​or imitation leather companies. We always develop Bibles with the highest qualities of these materials for greater durability and quality in our Bibles. We believe that the Bible deserves the best of covers and bindings, so we spare no cost in order to achieve this. We also attend the largest fairs and congresses to always be informed and to be able to work with the latest and newest materials on the market. The engraving jobs are carried out with the best Japanese technology that allows us to engrave and stamp the imitation leather with the highest precision and caliber, in addition to inserting beautiful details in gold or silver foil (or any color we wish).

Stretch Fabric

stretch fabric
This type of fully elastic texture allows the creation of beautiful Bible designs. Its flexibility makes it a durable and resistant material.


We have the best Swiss precision machines to make our Bible indexes. These allow us to manufacture perfect indexes, unsurpassed in quality and without any type of trim. In addition, new technology allows us to create indexes in any color we wish.


Zippers / Zips
The zipper market is very wide, covering a very diverse range of quality. A Bible's zipper must be of the best quality since its use will be intensive. It must allow the Bible to be opened and closed as many times as necessary without causing wear on its slider or chain. That's why we opt for high quality thanks to one of the world's leading zipper companies, which provides our Bibles with resistant zippers as well as precise closure.


Cantos / Edges
German technology allows us to create gold and silver edges of great beauty. We don't skimp on materials and that's why the edges of our Bibles (silver or gold) will shine bright throughout their lifetime. We also have a digital printing machine to make the borders with any design we wish, thus providing creative Bible edges.