2020 Reina Valera Bibles

Welcome to our new version of the 2020 Reina Valera Bibles. This edition has been reviewed and updated to offer you a clearer, more precise and significant reading experience.

The 2020 Reina Valera Bible is a unique work written by experts in theology and Bible translation. It offers a fluid and easy-to-understand read in modern Spanish that will allow you to delve into God's Word in deeper and more significant way.

Additionally, this edition includes numerous reading resources, such as book introductions, study notes, maps and timelines that will help you to better understand the context and each passage's importance.

Whether you're looking for a Bible for yourself or to give to a loved one, the 2020 Reina Valera Bible is the perfect choice. It's a valuable resource to strengthen your faith and enrich your spiritual life.

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Don't hesitate any longer, and buy a 2020 Reina Valera Bible today. You won't be sorry that you did.

Differences between the 1960 Reina Valera and the 2020 Reina Valera